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Happy New Year

I love the freshness of the new year.  It reminds me of going back to school, with new pencils, rulers, pens and  best of all a fresh new lined writing book with no mistakes, corrections or red lines crossed through my words.  Must try harder, must be neater, must pay attention, must write between the lines.

Lovely thing about being older is that I don’t have to write between the lines!!  I can throw that ruler away, stray outside the lines -  I can even draw my own and use the red pen to create my own words.  Besides, as family historians we know we must constantly look outside the lines in order to move ahead with our research.

Bring out that fresh new genealogy writing book this year, but buy one without any lines and see where it leads you….

In my new writing book this year and written in red pen is:

  1. Me – I have a dream, but I would like to move it ahead from just the dream.  Because it’s my dream, I seem to allow it to get pushed down the list, but my goal this year is to keep it at the top.
  2. Order amongst the chaos!!  I cannot continue to save genealogy as paper, so I need to work on a digital remedy
  3. My own genealogy research.

I’ve purposefully kept my list short (not easy….but short!).

Dream big and write and research outside the lines.

~~and a very Happy New Year to you all!


I spent the day at a genealogy conference and I feel like a sponge that is absolutely saturated.  If you have never been to one and you love genealogy, all I can say is go, go, go!! I challenge you to treat yourself and you will come home inspired and eager to try out different things.

Today I learned:

  • How important saving my work in as many different formats and places as I can manage.
  • Blogging  – not just about writing blogs, but learning how to find ,use and mine information out of blogs.
  • How to squeeze /interrogate my records and think outside of the box when using them.
  • Social Networking.  What can I say, but I’m already on board, hooked and absolutely love the benefits of many Social Network activities (next I need to learn how to work all these new things into my schedule and still have a life with my family)
  • I also learned more about organization and conservation from someone who thinks it’s ok *gasps* to break books apart and copy them.   Please note that as someone who has worked in a library for over 25 years, this absolutely horrified me and made sense all at the same time.
  • About my Genes!  Can my family history research help to save lives?

The by-product of this conference was that I met a lot of lovely people who will become friends,  heard wonderful family stories, shared tips and tricks and topped off the whole day with a marvelous dinner.

What more could a Genealogist want?

Many many thanks to Thomas MacEntee, Dick Eastman and Lyn Meehan for their inspiration today.  It is truly appreciated!

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