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My love of genealogy started many years ago, thanks to conversations with my Gran. I still miss her enormously, and I treasure the long hours we spent looking through photographs and talking about family.

Although I’ve dabbled in research over the past years, it’s only in the past year that I’ve had more time to work on my research projects and also learn about genealogical research through online courses at

I love it. I love looking and the excitement of finding someone. I love poking around and trying to solve puzzles. I especially love talking about what I find (at least until my family and friends eyes glaze over). Luckily, I have my Mum and daughter to share these finds with and I know it gives them pleasure as well.

Hopefully this will be another outlet for my passion and perhaps even help someone else along the way.

Feel free to contact me if you need a look-up in any of the books I’ll be listing, or perhaps have a common ancestor.

Happy hunting !

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