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I’ve been waiting and waiting for Legacy Family Tree version 7.0 to be released and an email arrived this morning to say that it is now available for download. Of course I promptly logged in and paid for it.

I’ve been peering at my inbox all day waiting for the download instructions to arrive.

Have I mentioned that I’m not the most patient of people?

I’m looking forward to trying out all the new features, in particular the source writer.

Happy Hunting!

Family Photographs

Reading an arcticle today on, was a great reminder about details contained in photographs and prompted today’s thoughts.

As I’ve posted before, my daughter has recently started researching one of her family lines and we’ve been talking in great depth about what I remember (not much) about this line. However, she does have a large number of family photographs. Taking one of them out of its frame was like discovering the family bible. Someone wrote the details of all the family members in the photograph, on the back of it -including names, dates and where they were buried!

So dig out those family photographs, take a good look at the details on the photograph, but also peek inside the frame. You never know what you’ll find.

Happy Hunting

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