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1911 UK Census

I’ve had a little look around the 1911 Welsh Census and viewed a couple of transcripts and found some interesting information about some of my ancestors. On Sunday my daughter and I were talking about a branch of her family and we decided to take a look for them on the 1911 England census.

The transcript has quite a bit of information on it – the head of the family, his wife, length of marriage, 4 sons, 1 daughter, a visitor, a son-in-law. Two of the sons were William and Wellie and we were discussing if indeed there might be two sons named William in the same family. I said I’d look at the original to see if a) the name was indeed Wellie (should have been Willie) and b) check out another potential transcription error. I was pleasantly surprised to see other information on the original page for the household. The number of children born to the marriage is listed – in this case 17!! It also lists the number still living (9) and the number that have died (8), which prompted my daughter to say “I’m missing some living children then!”

On my own research line, one of the children I found on the 1901 Welsh census, is still living with his step-grandparents and it indicates that he was born in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. I knew he was born in Australia, but this narrows it down for me.

I don’t know why I didn’t pay attention to what was contained on the census. I’m usually far more aware of that kind of thing. I guess I was just too excited to see it!

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