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While  researching Welsh mariners, I ran across the following websites of note.  As always, these are just a few of many great sources.

Welsh Mariners Over 23,000 Welsh Merchant Mariners are listed on this site, covering the years 1800 to 1945.  There is also a Royal Navy database covering the years 1795 to 1815, with about 3,000 men listed.  The site is bilingual, free and the database is easy to use.

Swansea Mariners and the Cardiff Mariner’s Database.  Another free database, very clear and easy to use.  The site includes ship owners and ship registers, as well as information about mariners.

Milford Trawlers Fishing vessels, skippers, a chronology of Milford and Peacetime and Civilian Wartime losses for the period 1888 – 1988, are some of the highlights of this website.

Irish Shipwrecks A searchable database of ships that wrecked off the coast of Ireland.  Sometimes only the name of the vessel and where it sank, but in many cases the entries include the information about the ship, owners and a brief history.

Coastguards of Yesteryear Articles, records and information about Coastguards who lived and worked around the Irish coastline (1700-1800′s).  The forums include discussion groups for genealogy, medals and general maritime information.  Welsh born coastguards from the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland are included.

Newspaper sources

Old Mersey Times I’ve provided a link to the shipping section, but there is much more to this website than that.  Old Mersey Times has transcribed snippets from Liverpool and Merseyside newspapers.  The articles cover everything from Bankruptcies to Wills and Bequests.

Cambrian Index Online A search using “ships and shipping” returned 29,000 articles (1804-1927) such as the following: Ships and Shipping, Shipwrecks, South Wales – 28 January 1804 – The ‘THOMAS AND BETSEY’ Went To Pieces On Portcall Point (Jan 20th, One Dead).

These websites are all free to use and contain a wealth of information. I’m continually amazed by the hundreds and hundreds of hours that website owners such as these have spent transcribing records and making them available for us to view. Thank you all!!

If you know of any other sites that cover Welsh mariners, I’d love to hear about them. All of these sites can be found on the main link library at Ancestral Wales


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  1. With Reference to Robert Williams b.1846 Llangennech, Carmarthenshire, d.At sea when his ship the Dunggonnal sank off the Tyne, with the loss of all on board.
    The Swansea Mariners site is incorrect… on Robert Williams Mate/Master 34979.born 1846 Llangennech, Carmarthenshire.
    As i hold all of my Gt Grandfathers Mercantile Marine records from 1853 as a boy till he drowned at sea inc… his Mates & Masters Certificates… and the extra Masters Certificate that was issued in 1890, after his other ship sank, and his masters certificate was lost, he was issued with another.
    I have tried to get hold of the sites owners, but unable to email them.
    Rhilip Bradley (Gt Grandson of Robert Williams)

  2. On my Family Tree:-
    Bradley-Williams-Rogers Family Tree
    Search for (Robert Roger’ Williams, b.1846 Llangennech, Carmarthenshire, d.1903 at Sea when his ship the Dunggonnal sank off the Tyne.
    He was actually born Robert Roger, but his mother Mary Roger 1826 d.1850, died,
    Thomas & Elizabeth Williams took him in, and brought him up as one of their own children, by 1853 when he was apprenticed into the Mercantile Marine, he was already useing the surname of Williams.
    My family tree is open to the Public… all info off all his ships that he sailed on includind Photo’s of all documents and some of his ships can be found on my family tree on “”.
    I hope you will look on, look up his name -appears as Robert Roger’Williams and at my Gt Grandfathers records.
    Philip Bradley (Great Grandson of Robert Roger’ Williams.

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