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Back to business with courses from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  I have eleven left to take and then I’m finished.  Maybe. They are fun to do and I learn so much.  I’ve a few ancestors who traveled to Australia, so the Australian Immigration Records course should prove useful.


Interestingly enough the other course is Genetics and Genealogy which is fascinating stuff, but because I’ve taken advantage of the special offer for a DNA test, I’m hoping it will help me understand more.  I mailed the test off yesterday and I’m very excited, but I also realize that it will likely take a long time to get results.


Lastly, welcome aboard the genealogy train to  my daughter, One Little Apple, Far From the Tree.  It’s wonderful to be able to finally share my passion with someone who ‘gets’ it.  I’m also looking forward tremendously to working together on some projects!


Anyone who knows my family, knows that we have a new ‘baby’ in our lives.  Annie is a four-legged, rescued Heinz 57 variety.  I ran into this quote the other day made for a dog really, but also reminded me that I need to:


“Live every day, like someone left the gate open!”

I feel rejuvenated, inspired and eager to get back to rooting out my roots.

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