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I spent the day at a genealogy conference and I feel like a sponge that is absolutely saturated.  If you have never been to one and you love genealogy, all I can say is go, go, go!! I challenge you to treat yourself and you will come home inspired and eager to try out different things.

Today I learned:

  • How important saving my work in as many different formats and places as I can manage.
  • Blogging  – not just about writing blogs, but learning how to find ,use and mine information out of blogs.
  • How to squeeze /interrogate my records and think outside of the box when using them.
  • Social Networking.  What can I say, but I’m already on board, hooked and absolutely love the benefits of many Social Network activities (next I need to learn how to work all these new things into my schedule and still have a life with my family)
  • I also learned more about organization and conservation from someone who thinks it’s ok *gasps* to break books apart and copy them.   Please note that as someone who has worked in a library for over 25 years, this absolutely horrified me and made sense all at the same time.
  • About my Genes!  Can my family history research help to save lives?

The by-product of this conference was that I met a lot of lovely people who will become friends,  heard wonderful family stories, shared tips and tricks and topped off the whole day with a marvelous dinner.

What more could a Genealogist want?

Many many thanks to Thomas MacEntee, Dick Eastman and Lyn Meehan for their inspiration today.  It is truly appreciated!

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