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George Cadman

I always have the best of intentions, and yet again three months passes by without a post…..

The gentleman above is my great grandfather. I love this photo of him in the regalia of a fraternal organisation and I’ve been working for a few months to try to locate some information about which organisation it was. Today one of the brothers from the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes confirmed that it was indeed RAOB regalia. I’m delighted to finally know this and hopefully I’ll be able to find out a little bit more about his career with them.

As I read the information about RAOB, their goals and what they stand for, it confirmed again how much these details of my ancestors help flesh out who they were, and what their beliefs and convictions were.

I don’t want to just collect names, I want to get to know these ancestors of mine and I’m having a wonderful time doing that.


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  1. i have an RAOB jewel (my grandfather was a Buff and i collect the jewels) ‘presented to G Cadman for services rendered 18 sept 1956′ by the Standard Lodge no. 25. i wonder if this might be one of your Cadmans?

  2. Thanks for contacting me – that is very interesting! I wonder if I can find out where that Lodge would have been?

  3. my wifes grandfather and father was members of the r a o b at mabon lodge 2629 we have some medels but we cant find any thing out about them or the lodge as my wife as only 12 yrs old when her father died there names are willam stanley bebb and glandvill bebb if you can help with any information about the lodge or them we would be most greatfull
    yours mr a taylor

  4. I am looking for a lost Brother, his details are here

    Morgan Rees (born 1866 died 1952) of Cwmaman, Aberdare, Mid-Glamorgan, South Wales who was a member presumably since he went to America as a young man in the mid to late 1880′s then returned to his home village of Cwmaman near the town of Aberdare which was a coal mining community.

    Morgan was my great uncle and was a renowned story teller locally especially about his exploits in America. The talk is he brought Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show to Aberdare in 1903 on the strength of his friendship with my great uncle!

    Morgan’s father Benjamin Rees born in Carmarthenshire in 1842 but lived in Aberdare from about 1860 to 1910 may also have been a member. perhaps you have information about him too?

    Any information you have I would be obliged to receive which would extend my research into my Family Tree.

    Kind Regards,

    Gareth K Rees

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