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Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Genealogy Fun – My genealogical three’s

I’ve been busy catching up on a few maintenance projects around the Ancestral Wales home, which was in desperate need of some painting projects to be done – hence the absence of posts. 

Thanks to a recent update for the computer that went rogue on me this week, I’ve also had to spend a lot of time restoring my computer, and on the phone with Microsoft (and my thanks to the techs who rescued my stuff and called me back three times to make sure everything was updating ok!!!)  Although I’m always backing up my system, it is never 100 percent up to date, and so I did lose some of my work.  A valuable lesson learned indeed.

In the absence of any genealogical tidbits to post this week, I decided to take up Genea-Musing’s Saturday night fun challenge. (yes, it is Sunday now …….)   “Tell us your three responses to the questions:”

* Three genealogical libraries I frequent

Alberta Family History Library(As a volunteer)

FHS Library

Calgary Public Library (to use
* Three places I’ve visited on genealogy trips

Saskatchewan, Canada

Aberystwyth area, Wales

Manchester, England
* Three genealogy societies I belong to (or want to)

Alberta Family History Society (belong)

Dyfed Family History Society (belong)

National Genealogical Society (wish list)
* Three websites that help my research
* Three ancestral graves that I’ve visited

Fitton, Tal-y-bont Cemetery, Ceredigion, Wales

Cadman, Tal-y-bont Cemetery, Ceredigion, Wales

Davies, Tal-y-bont Cemetery, Ceredigion, Wales
* Three ancestral places I want to visit

Many cemeteries in the Aberystwyth area of Ceredigion, Wales

National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales

Ceredigion Archives
* Three brickwall ancestors I want to research more

Lewis Maurice Davies (1844-1917)

George & Annie Cadman (1880-1930’s)

Clayton Mariners of Aberystwyth (late 1700’s to mid 1800’s)

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