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Stray Certificates

Ancestral Wales is pleased to provide a free match-up service for unwanted Welsh Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates.  Many thanks to everyone who submits a certificate to share.

How does it work?

1. Ancestral Wales will post brief details of the stray certificate. (see Jones/Evans example under Cardiganshire)

2. Email
Ancestral Wales, if you see a document on this page that is a potential match.

3. This is a free service and Ancestral Wales will act as liaison between you and the owner of the certificate.

4. At no time will any email address provided to Ancestral Wales be given to any outside party, other than those involved in exchanging a certificate.

5. If you have a certificate that you would like to have listed, please contact
Ancestral Wales


Birth Certificate

William PRICE born 11.11.1839 at Llangunider
Father - Thomas PRICE/Mother - Esther PRICE formerly WILLIAMS
Father's occupation – shoemaker  (Ref B/BRE/1)



Marriage Certificate

JONES, Thomas/EVANS, Mary, Dolpandy, Llanbadarn Fawr Parish, April 2, 1877. (Ref. M/CGN/1)



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